Training Topics

While in the field, our workshop leaders are at your disposal for any assistance you may require. And over the course of the photo workshop, we try to squeeze some informal training sessions (contingent on weather) where we discuss topics of general interest. Subjects discussed in the field or back at the motel typically include those below.

BRACKETING Shooting multiple frames to manage exposure and focus challenges
COMPOSITION Analyzing the scene to select and realize effective compositions
EXPOSURE Understanding the triad effect of shutter speed, aperture, and ISO
FILTERS Using filters in the field to make images shine and reduce post-processing
HYPERFOCAL DISTANCE Calculating the focus point to ensure in-focus near and far subjects
LIGHTING Creating compelling images under any natural light conditions
LONG EXPOSURES Using long exposures as a creative effect to emphasize motion
NIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY Capturing the night sky, including star points and the Milky Way
NIGHT PROCESSING Developing your night photos in Adobe Lighthroom for maximum impact
POST-PROCESSING Processing your landscape photos using basic features in Adobe Lightroom
STRUCTURES Successfully incorporating man-made structures in your landscape photos
WEATHER Learning to predict the weather using free online maps and websites