As I was doing chores aroud the house, I thought of a recommendation that I would write for both of you. Really, it is just to express my appreciation: I wanted to go to New England in the fall to experience the colors and learn more about digital photography. I looked online and found a workshop offered by Michael Blanchette and Ben Williamson. I checked their websites, and their work was excellent. See for yourself. They took me and the other participants to many magnificent places and great places to photograph. Mike is about my age, but he still has passion for photography. HIs organizational skills made the trip so productive, and his knowledge is vast. Ben is the kind of person who gets up before sunrise to take a chance on getting a stunning photo. He is calm, but his passion for the art is evident. He gave me gentle pointers that were very helpful to me. I also watched how creatively he approached making a photo. Their workshop was a memorable experience for me.

Henry Goodman, California (2016)

I had a great time and I learned a lot at the workshop including stuff I should have known about my camera! It was a great bonding experience too with the group and Ben. I would recommend this to anyone! You sure sparked my creativity!

Ed Ciolkosz, Connecticut (2017)